Why I can't figure this out?

why I can't get this assignment done? why I" can't get to work on time?. We all have ran questions through our mind on why we cant do this and we cant do that. The word "can't" is like censorship. when you automatically think of the word "can't" you stopped all other positive ways to come into your mind on either finding an alternative or getting help.

Its human nature to say I can't. Who knows how long we have been saying it. Instead think of a different approach change "I can't" to "I Can" or I will. Anything positive will help you to keep building, keep working. One of the best feeling in the world is the ability to change our way of thinking at any moment when we realize we are using a negative and change it to a positive and reacting that positive thinking and keep pushing is Amazing.

Don't let the word I can't overcome your mind leaving you at a stand still wondering "is this it"? Continue to overcome with positive verb "can" and be able to do anything you set forth to do.

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