Never Give Up

If you fall down everyone will notice you but if you fall down pick yourself back up and triumph like you never taken a lost I salute you, I congratulate you. we all take a loss many, many times. What the difference though is how we take a portion of our loss and failure and tweak it onto something amazing and worthwhile.

Make it so the people around you up and wonder how you could have made it this far? My mama had a motto when i was a little girl that said "never give up", she had it on a licence plate on her car and the fact that she embedded that phase those words into my mind, my thoughts every time I went through a situation when I was young, I always remember that plate on her car and her voice telling me to "never give up". If I would have given up in my life I wouldn't be where I am today.

We all have different positive people family, friends, associates to help us on our path to be successful or make it even though it is going to take some time live and always remember that you can do it, you will make it, you are loved and NEVER GIVE UP.

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