My Other Half

We may consider that everything we have is all we need which is true. Sometimes it is best to not complain about the things we have in life and be thankful for what has been given to us. We have embedded in our minds and the way we live that we are completely whole, that we don't need anyone else because we have a nice house, a car, food and clothes on our backs. unfortunately that isn't true.

Lets take a pie for an example. To bake a pie you will gather up the correct ingredients to make it delicious and if you take your time and make it with love the pie becomes complete the pie becomes whole. Now what happens if we take one or two ingredient away from this whole complete pie?. It becomes nasty it will not taste right. It then needs to be made all over again to become that perfect whole delicious pie.

The same goes with a human being. We are all made up of different components to make us who we are. To make us complete, but nothing compares to having someone by our side whether it be a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, someone to make you whole. A person that brings you the rest of the ingredients that you been craving for or longing to find. So no matter how complete a person is we all will eventually yearn for conversation, touch someone to love and bring out the very best in us that we didn't see before. Our other half is right around the corner. Allow yourself to be open so you can cross paths with one another and be one.

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