Living in our last days

I have heard so many people lately saying "We are living in our last days". I know you have heard your Grandma or some of your relatives say this such thing, but are we really?, or are we living in our days to be reborn again? This is the time to make sure we call and check on our loved ones to see how they are doing because before we didn't have time and i cant believe im saying this set an appointment an reminder to call or visit when we are available. This is the time to get everything on our to do list done, to achieve the unthinkable that we been holding back. A task that has been in the back burner for too long.

A chance to revisit our spirits to talk within ourselves to god, to pray. To not only pray for ourselves but to everybody who is having a hard time right now. Believe it or not its time to open our minds and hearts and it it a time to be reborn. Build what you love to do, Build an ongoing platform so anyone else that is on the same path be able to step on. what do you think? Are we in our last days? or our we living in our days to be reborn again? I would love to hear your opinions.

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