God is love in our hearts

The most powerful love their is, is the love of god. When you have the love of god there is no room for hatred, anger and confusion. Their is no room because when gods love enters your soul, your being as a human every bad feeling that you are experiencing will flow freely out of your realm.

Pain and sadness will flow out in the form of tears, in the form of speaking and singing. Let it out make room for his love his presence. We all have experienced one way with the decisions we have made in our lives in our path.

If your like me you will come into a situation where someone or somebody has said something to you so hurtful and we still come forward to give a hand to help them or pray for them. That is god being with you. We are all human and we all make mistakes but our mistakes cant define us because we have the ability to change the way god wants me and you to be.

Every step you make leads you closer and closer to who you are ment to be.

Love Yourself

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