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Updated: Jul 20

Mind Over Matter

The reason being is your mind is so powerful that you should be amazed at what your mind the ability to do. Mind over matter is the ability to overcome physical pain, and or a difficult situation. When you Think to yourself "I can't or "I won't" nine times out of ten it will happened because you are manifesting your thoughts into reality to the point that everything that happens wont work out for you. whenever I get sick I immediately prepare my mind into thinking that "I will" get better I could be coughing have a fever, but in the mess of it all that I will continue to think that and work at home as if I'm not sick at all and eventually I will get better quicker than laying in bed and not staying active. Making sure I take my meds because I already manifest that "I will" get better. My subconscious mind has begun to already set actions in motions without me thinking twice about it because I want to get better.

Its all about being and staying positive. Any negative thought does not matter so its not in the mind. Don't get me wrong I understand that its hard to have life moments that will put you into thinking like "I cant" or "I'm not sure" but your mind can overcome those negative thoughts and ignore them to the point where you will look for ways to handle anything so don't give up, whenever you have pain tell your body you will get, better tell your mind you will overcome this and believe me things will come gradually to you in existence to help you along the way.

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