Misery loves company


A reaction is showing an expression on how you feel about what somebody said or did. The reaction can be a feeling of sadness, happiness, loneliness and betrayal. Many of our daily actions comes from the way we respond to a situation or a conversation that another individual is talking about. I know that it may be difficult to ignore when you speak and say something positive and the other person response is negative. Don't think one minute its because of you. When that happens you start to react back with feelings of anger, sadness that leads to you showing an domestic aggression to the point where you didn't want to talk or be around that person anymore.

How do you think that reaction is going to help how explain how you really feel? It wont because to be honest we all don't really show how we feel we only show what we want the other person to believe so they can feel the guilt but in reality we did not feel that at all. You never know how another person is feeling or what they have going on at that moment to make them respond to you so negative. Keep that in mind.

So the next time you are engaging yourself in an activity or it could be work related always make sure that your reaction helps you keep your character they way you want it to be. keep your reaction at a stand still. React with ease. React with positivity. React with true emotions.

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