Your Children Are your Biggest Fan.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


Nowadays I feel like the use of technology is being abused to the point that its a distraction on them, so they wont worry about what life needs from them. A child would literally sit IN front of an iPad or a cellphone watch YouTube or Tiktok for an hour instead of utilizing that hour into learning or doing something constructive around the house. teaching them responsibilities, teaching them how to manage there time wisely. See as adults we don't have time, but kids they have all the time in the world, there world.

By the time Children get to high school, I believe we as parents should teach them how to live. I'm not talking about partying at the club, or going to the club on Wednesday because that's the day you get in free. No I am talking about living. Making sure that when they do get a pay check save there money. If they have bills to make sure that they pay there bills first then prioritize the rest into the things that they need not want. The want can be save for the next time, and to always make sure they have toiletries stock it up so they wont live without, Be conservative when eating food and have a meal plan.

All those things will prepare our children in the long run and help them not only get by day by day but for a lifetime. without having a strong parental structure our kids wont be able to strive, be responsible, be who they are suppose to be. we as parents are the platform that our children will be walking on. Make sure that platform is worth the walk. Be lovely, Be unique.

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