All living things have a time frame. A time frame is when something is about to happen to either change or take place to make everything seem different. I remember talking to my employees and I said out loud "I used to say life is too short but life isn't too short at all."  What you put into your life holds responsibility for your life span. Whatever you put into your life will hold you accountable for your future.  Hey all negative things don't last long right?  Right. When the situation come up you start to over think become sad which leads to depression. Now your health starts to become an issue with headaches and stomach pains. What you need to remember is there is a silver lining. There is hope it will end. So when a situation happens it will be okay. We are all human. are emotions, feelings will get the best of us and we have a time frame to change and in that time frame comes before you possible ideas and positive affirmations to get you back on your feet. So i leave you with this. Never give up on life, never give up hope we all have time.

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