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I'm the Movement that will open up more people like me to have a voice of their own.

I am a proud mother of four beautiful children with a lovely man who not only help me realize my potential but we help each other along our seperate paths. I  take what I go through as a learning experience. I am an extraordinary woman who has lived with many hardships and terrible situations I thought I  would ever get out of, but I did. I made sacrifices along the way and I had to keep telling myself everyday that I can  do anything I set my mind to.


Explore Mindfulness With Me

White Branch

There are many different books, apps, videos that can help us vibrate higher or walk on this planet that we called earth as a normal individual. Do you know what? You my friend aren't  normal, you are different. Your soul searches for a new beginning a new chapter where each page holds a brand new destination that you can feed on and manifest with. 

You are love, it's in your heart, your mind and as long as you know that you will prosper for eternity. 

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