Will Smith stated in one of his conversation he i believe had with one Motivational speaker was that he stated that he is "Motivated by fear". Now fear is something that no one will even take the time to or want to take the time to think about, naturally we all will run, shy or stay away from the thought of interacting with something that completely scares the crap out of us right? 

well when it comes down to an individual progressing with work, school, interview for a job, or going on stage to talk to a thousand of people, you will be surprise where Fear can creep up on you and stop you from completing a task, having a voice to speak up, or create negative thoughts in your mind to walk away from that important job interview. 

Instead try a different approach, when your about to do a task and you start to think to yourself "man i wont be able to do this" or "I am fearful they wont like my work" Do it turn that fear upside down and prove that fear wrong. Prove it to yourself that yes you can and you will. Take a deep breath count to three 1...2..3... and let your self flow to get the work done how it was supposed to get done, before you know it guess what you have done it and did a great job at it too. fear cant stop you now. 

Eventually Fear will no longer be a burden to your success. 

BE lovely Be unique.