Love Yourself

Today I was speaking to one of my friendly co-workers and he made a comment that to me was really an eye opener. when i say love yourself I mean love the person that you are. Love the person that you have become. We all have questions like "How can I love myself when i don't like myself?" Well the fact that you got to my blog and took the time to read you love yourself  more than you think you do. 

Love you, tell yourself everyday that you love the person you are. You love the skin your in, you love the way your hair looks, your smile every misplace freckle or feet that you walk firmly on the ground that are too big or too small. you are a divine  human being that belongs in this world like everyone else. 

Be lovely BE unique Be you


  1. Wow i used to not like myself. Didnt know other people thought like that.

    1. Yes. A lot of people feel like that everyday, and hide it behind smiles