You have a voice to speak life onto others , and to yourself. Like a plant that needs water and encouraging words to grow, an individual needs the same interaction. I've actually had someone tell me as I see them talking to their plants saying "good morning plant", or "oh how beautiful you look today" believe that it makes the plant grow. Positive care equals positive growth. Think about it, could positive conversations on a daily to myself or others make any difference in how someone feels, think, react and the answer is YES! Love yourself. Be unique, Be lovely.


  1. This is good. I havent felt motivated to live my dreams lated. I do nothing all day. Do you have any advice for me.

  2. Yes. First thing first is always build a to-do list. Write everything that you want to do or accomplish in the time frame when your not doing anything, and before you know it you already have completed a few tasks. If you want to be more motivated try downloading some motivational daily quotes so you will always be reminded to not give up.