If there is no struggle, there is no progress - Fredric Douglas.  

That quote means a lot to me. I have gotten to the place that I  am today all because of the struggle that i went through in my past. The struggles that i went through almost took a toll in my character, my personality, my mental state, and almost cost me to lose my family. I had to keep a hold of my struggles like a hair tie holding a ponytail in place in a memory so whenever i get to the point that I feel like i'm about to give up i think back to my imaginary hair tie (struggle) because I don't want to go back, I want to proceed, progress in life. learn from my mistakes and move on. 

Every lesson that comes into your life, I want you to think about it, write it down and  Ask yourself how did that happen? why it happen? and what steps could i have done so it wont happen again in the future?. You would be surprise on what you learn from that experience and learn about yourself. That is what helps me move on. make the situation complete. Your chapter wont be complete without an ending. So make your ending magnificent, memorable, worth while. 

Love yourself, Be unique, Be lovely, Be you.