A reaction is showing an expression on how you feel about waht somebody said or did. The reaction can be a feeling of sadness, happiness, loneliness and betrayal. Many of our daily actions comes from the way we respond to a situation or a conversation that another individual is talking about. I know that it may be difficult to ignore when you speak and say something positive and the other person response is negative. Don't think one minute its because of you. When that happens you start to react back with feelings of anger, sadness that leads to you showing an domestic aggression to the point where you didn't want to talk or be around that person anymore. 

How do you think that reaction is going to help how explain how you really feel? It wont because to be honest we all don't really show how we feel we only show  what we want the other person to believe so they can feel the guilt but in reality we did not feel that at all. You never know how another person is feeling or what they have going on at that moment to make them respond to you so negative. Keep that in mind.

So the next time you are engaging yourself in an activity or it could be work related always make sure that your reaction helps you keep your character they way you want it to be. keep your reaction at a stand still. React with ease. React with positivity. React with true emotions. 

Be lovely Be unique. Be you.

Mind over Matter

Mind over matter is one of my favorite statement/phrase EVER! The reason being is your mind is so powerful that you should be amazed at what your mind has the ability to do. Mind over matter is the ability to overcome physical pain, and or a difficult situation. 

When you Think to yourself  "I can't or "I won't" nine times out of ten it will happened because you are manifesting your thoughts into reality to the point that everything that happens wont work out for you. whenever I get sick I immediately prepare my mind into thinking that "I will" get better I could be coughing have a fever, but in the mess of  it all that I will continue to think that and work at home as if I'm not sick at all and eventually I will get better quicker than laying in bed and not staying active. Making sure I take my meds because I already manifest that "I will" get better. My subconscious mind has begun to already set actions in motions without me thinking twice about it because I want to get better.  

Its all about being and staying positive. Any negative thought does not matter so its not in the mind. Don't get me wrong I understand that its hard to have life moments that will put you into thinking like "I cant" or "I'm not sure" but your mind can overcome those negative thoughts and ignore them to the point where you will look for ways to handle anything so don't give up, whenever you have pain tell your body you will get, better tell your mind you will overcome this and believe me things will come gradually to you in existence to help you along the way.

Be lovely Be Unique Be You

Love Yourself

Today I was speaking to one of my friendly co-workers and he made a comment that to me was really an eye opener. when i say love yourself I mean love the person that you are. Love the person that you have become. We all have questions like "How can I love myself when i don't like myself?" Well the fact that you got to my blog and took the time to read you love yourself  more than you think you do. 

Love you, tell yourself everyday that you love the person you are. You love the skin your in, you love the way your hair looks, your smile every misplace freckle or feet that you walk firmly on the ground that are too big or too small. you are a divine  human being that belongs in this world like everyone else. 

Be lovely BE unique Be you

E. Abraham July 15th

My lovely man sent me this from law of attraction which he looks upon and grabs so much information from sent me this on what Abraham stated from the law of attraction app.

 "The only way to consciously deactivate a thought is to activate another. in other words, the only way to deliberately withdraw your attention from one thought is to give your attention to another. 

A mind dominated by positive emotions, become a favorable abode for the state of mind known as faith. faith and fear make poor bedfellows. where one is found, the other cannot exist". 

This hit me to the core because we come into different situations where we will see a problem happening and the only outcome is to become defensive to what is going on instead of thinking of a positive way to handle the outcome. It takes so much energy to get upset and so much of our health getting involve into something that we will forget about five or six hours later. 

Don't get me wrong I've been in plenty of  incidents where i could of or should have change my perception activate another thought into some other feeling of happiness by thinking of my favorite song or what I've done with my family over the weekend to change the way i am feeling or felt when I felt like I had to be right. So I been there I understand I'ts hard but when you have faith and know that deep inside you will overcome and have growth and understanding that everything is not meant to be spoke upon things will start to become clear. 

Be yourself  Be lovely Be unique.


Will Smith stated in one of his conversation he i believe had with one Motivational speaker was that he stated that he is "Motivated by fear". Now fear is something that no one will even take the time to or want to take the time to think about, naturally we all will run, shy or stay away from the thought of interacting with something that completely scares the crap out of us right? 

well when it comes down to an individual progressing with work, school, interview for a job, or going on stage to talk to a thousand of people, you will be surprise where Fear can creep up on you and stop you from completing a task, having a voice to speak up, or create negative thoughts in your mind to walk away from that important job interview. 

Instead try a different approach, when your about to do a task and you start to think to yourself "man i wont be able to do this" or "I am fearful they wont like my work" Do it turn that fear upside down and prove that fear wrong. Prove it to yourself that yes you can and you will. Take a deep breath count to three 1...2..3... and let your self flow to get the work done how it was supposed to get done, before you know it guess what you have done it and did a great job at it too. fear cant stop you now. 

Eventually Fear will no longer be a burden to your success. 

BE lovely Be unique.   


It's 2020 a new Decade. Do you know what that means? Do you know what that means for your children?. Children are so important for this decade and for this generation and more generation to come. we as parents need to start really breaking down and making sure day by day that our kids are on the right path. Children need consistency they need to know they are smart, beautiful, outstanding, unique, different, that they are loved and when they make a mistake that they are forgiven, 

Nowadays I feel like the use of technology is being abused to the point that its a distraction on them, so they wont worry about what life needs from them. A child would literally sit IN front of an iPad or a cellphone watch YouTube or Tiktok for an hour instead of  utilizing that hour into learning or doing something constructive around the house. teaching them responsibilities, teaching them how to manage there time wisely. See as adults we don't have time, but kids they have all the time in the world, there world. 

By the time Children get to high school, I believe we as parents should teach them how to live. I'm not talking about partying at the club, or going to the club on Wednesday because that's the day you get in free. No I am talking about living. Making sure that when they do get a pay check save there money. If they have bills to make sure that they pay there bills first then prioritize the rest into the things that they need not want. The want can be save for the next time, and to always make sure they have toiletries stock it up so they wont live without, Be conservative when eating food and have a meal plan. 

All those things will prepare our children in the long run and help them not only get by day by day but for a lifetime. without having a strong parental structure our kids wont be able to strive, be responsible, be who they are suppose to be. we as parents are the platform that our children will be walking on. Make sure that platform is worth the walk. 

Be lovely, Be unique. 


Everyone has traits, habitual traits that starts to grow within a person from the day they are born and either will get worst or subside to the age of adulthood. Whether positive or negative experience an individual have, It will put an imprint, locked away in a cabinet in an persons subconscious mind and the only way that it  will resurface is if a person is in a state of emotion or physical awareness like happiness, sadness, etc.

you wont believe how a negative word or phrase can manifest into someone thoughts to the point that any memory whether positive or negative will change a person thoughts to have a person feeling like they want to give up or change the way they are already progressing. Don't let it. It's there for a reason take it as a life lesson and  progress. look in the mirror and believe that you are an amazing, unique person and you will make it through, no matter what.


If there is no struggle, there is no progress - Fredric Douglas.  

That quote means a lot to me. I have gotten to the place that I  am today all because of the struggle that i went through in my past. The struggles that i went through almost took a toll in my character, my personality, my mental state, and almost cost me to lose my family. I had to keep a hold of my struggles like a hair tie holding a ponytail in place in a memory so whenever i get to the point that I feel like i'm about to give up i think back to my imaginary hair tie (struggle) because I don't want to go back, I want to proceed, progress in life. learn from my mistakes and move on. 

Every lesson that comes into your life, I want you to think about it, write it down and  Ask yourself how did that happen? why it happen? and what steps could i have done so it wont happen again in the future?. You would be surprise on what you learn from that experience and learn about yourself. That is what helps me move on. make the situation complete. Your chapter wont be complete without an ending. So make your ending magnificent, memorable, worth while. 

Love yourself, Be unique, Be lovely, Be you.

Everyday is a new day.

Life is like a roller coaster going every which way. Turning left and turning right going up hills spinning you out of control to the point of no return. you always have a way out to be grounded keeping your feet on the ground, just because you go left doesn't always mean that your going the wrong way or your making the right decision, just because you go right doesn't necessarily mean your making the right choice or decision. open your eyes take the time to think about whats happening in that moment to come up with solutions to solve the problem, remember everyday is a new day and it will not be the same like yesterday. we live in a world where everything changes constantly. so if you feel like today is all gloomy and terrible cheer up tomorrow is always a fresh start of a new day.

Open Your Mind

There came a time in my life where I would literally have a conversation with someone and completely be closed minded to what the conversation is and weather or not if its going anywhere. I realized over the years that the more I was closed minded with the person I was talking to the more the person didn't want to talk to me. So I begin to question myself "Am I really that boring that they don't want to talk to me?" Obviously the answer was no. it was simply because I need to be more open minded to what the other person is saying. You wont believe what important information you can receive from an individual by being open, or asking questions making the other person feel wanted and feel loved or appreciated. Who knows you could create the perfect friendship/relationship EVER!  


You have a voice to speak life onto others , and to yourself. Like a plant that needs water and encouraging words to grow, an individual needs the same interaction. I've actually had someone tell me as I see them talking to their plants saying "good morning plant", or "oh how beautiful you look today" believe that it makes the plant grow. Positive care equals positive growth. Think about it, could positive conversations on a daily to myself or others make any difference in how someone feels, think, react and the answer is YES! Love yourself. Be unique, Be lovely.

Feeling and looking great.

Take charge of your life. Get up everyday knowing that you have a reason to live. You are unique in every way no matter what race, gender, age or background, be lovely be unique.

Love yourself

You are the blueprint

Every individual has a reason to be here in this lifetime. You are the ingredient to mold a possibilities, a career, a goal to where you want to go.